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Re: Auto Takumar 55mm f2.2

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The 55/2.2, both in preset and Auto Tak versions, is a lens I like very much (I too use it on M4/3). Anyone on here used it on FF ?

These old preset and Auto Taks are very sharp. I got this one on ebay and it came as a pair with a 135mm Preset Takumar, $85 for the two of them including shipping. Both lenses are in excellent condition, all I had to do to them was a light exterior cleaning. Definitely one of the best lenses I have and it performs great from wide open to f11. It compares well with my Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN C in image quality, but the Auto Tak has nicer bokeh (probably the 10 blade aperture) and for build quality, it's the Auto Tak all the way. I use it with a Kecay macro focusing helicoid adapter and It's a great combination.

And significantly less CA than the later Takumars, I think ?

I think so too. There's none. They were designed that way. Many of todays lenses have all sorts of aberrations and they are corrected in the camera. I also like the contrast of the Auto Tak, it's by no means low, but it's not so high that it looks unnatural. It just looks normal. But everyone has their own preference when it comes to stuff like that, and it's easily altered in post. All I know is that it's one of the best lenses I have in my collection, whether legacy or modern glass.

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