First studio shoot with M5 - AF disappoints in low light

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Re: First studio shoot with M5 - AF disappoints in low light

Based on all these posts, I decided to test my new M5 with the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 and adapter. The 50mm and 1.6 crop (80mm eq.) equates close enough to a good portrait FL for informal shots.

It's night here now, so I turned off office lights and aimed across the room, with the only light coming from my computer screen. I could barely see to walk around.

With the AF light on, or even with my finger over the light, focus was instantaneous and as sharp as we can get with ISO 25600. I had to use that to get decent shutter speed because I didn't have a tripod handy, so the noise was evident in the result, but the autofocus locked on right away - no hunting, blue squares - without the AF light regardless of the resulting picture. The lens blocks half of the AF illumination anyway.

Not scientific, but it gives me the idea that I should take that lens on my trips for in-restaurant and night street shots. So thanks to all here for discussing this.

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