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Jared_Willson wrote:

Correct, Leica (in their infinite wisdom) have determined that long exposure noise reduction is ALWAYS a good thing if your exposure is 1s or longer, so they always apply it. That means every 3 minute exposure actually takes 6 minutes. Every 10 minute exposure actually takes 20 minutes. It makes it very challenging to do star trail photography, and eliminates any possibility of building and applying a master dark frame.

The reason for this, assume, is their emphasis on simplicity in menu structure. I can't think of any other justification, anyway. If very few people would want to turn it off (and it's true that it's generally a good thing), then why clutter up the menu? I'm just speculating, but it's the only logical reason I can think of for not allowing the user to disable the long exposure noise reduction. They have been consistent in most (all?) their cameras in this. You can't turn it off on an M(240), an M9, a 'T', an SL, or a 'Q'. Definitely frustrates me as an astrophotographer. I just can't use my Leicas for most astrophotography.

I wonder if this old Nikon hack has any effect - turn off the camera while it's taking the second exposure.
Nikon used to do an "emergency" dump of the truly raw file when it sensed the user was powering off.

Just a weird idea


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