Got a 7D mark II

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Re: Got a 7D mark II

jimboyvr wrote:

henrikbengtsson wrote:

Just got myself a 7D mark II as a sidekick to my 5D mark IV. I've been a bit worried about mixing fullframe and APS-C (especially on paid work and stressed weddings), but figured I could use the extra reach when my 5D4 is a bit short.

So far I am really enjoying it (new gear honeymoon) and I must say that the files are really nice. No, it's not fullframe and yes, noise is not in the same league, but for daylight and low-ish ISO... awesome files with pleasing punchy colors. Functionwise it handles very much like the 5D mark IV. They are almost identical.

All in all - a great camera.

Not a review this, just some 'I like my new gear' words.

Hi. Why not the 80d? Newer sensor, better dynamic range, touch screen and flippy screen. Better battery too.

I have a friend with the 80D and he don't like it much for BIF ... although its very nice.

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