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Re: Moffat Aurora

moffatross wrote:

csiluk wrote:

That's a fantastic sky!

Aye, but the view from my garden is less inspiring with the pylons and lights ! The trouble with this year's aurora is that the ones which have coincided with clear skies above Moffat have (mostly) been rather fleeting affairs. Wednesday's (at KP 4-5) was mostly only a glow for a few hours and the rays above were visible for just 5 or 10 minutes at most. My aspiration (on a night when the aurora is forecast KP 6-8) is to capture a similarly aurora filled sky against a more striking foreground, not by going to the Arctic Circle, but staying locally. There is an old ruin 15 minutes walk from the house and its silhouette (perhaps with a hint of flashlight) would make a striking foreground, and even better if snow was lying on the ground.

I'm located in Pennsylvania and too far south to see the aurora. Every 2-3 decades we have an opportunity to see the aurora, but the last time (just a few years ago) when the opportunity arose, we had cloudy skies and rain covering the entire north eastern part of the US for days. The ruins sounds like a great place for a more attractive foreground, but maybe some editing can improve the foreground in this photo, because the sky in this photo is just so beautiful. I'll be looking forward to see your next capture of the aurora

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