The best 12mp camera Oly ever made

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The best 12mp camera Oly ever made

The 16 megapixel sensors came out a year after the 2011 launch of the P3 and it was replaced with the P5.  But the P3 was the top camera Olympus made with their 12mp sensor, and it still takes great photos today.

Compared to the PL1, this P3 is a much more refined and capable camera, although it keeps the fantastic JPEG capability of the PL1, and improves auto focus and especially continuous auto focus.  The P3 is a wonderful movie camera, able to shoot HD and keep focus during filming.

The camera itself looks, feels, and handles like the expensive, top of the line camera it was in 2011 when it came out.  It's all metal, has a hefty feel to it, features two f buttons and  wheel and a dial controls on the body.  It's even more customizable than the PL1 and the menus are deep.  Make sure and turn on the Super Control Panel in the menus in order to be able to program the camera as you like it.

The P3 is a wonderful upgrade camera for the PL1 user. It has an auto focus light and a new processing engine that really does a fantastic job of improving autofocus over the PL1.  There are more art filters, and Dramatic Tone is probably worth upgrading over the PL1 just by itself.

In this world, you get what you pay for, and in 2011 the Olympus customer got a camera that was expensive, and worth every penny.  Today as a used camera it's cheap, but the P3 takes just the same wonderful photos and videos as it did when it was new and top of the line.

For the JPEG shooter who posts on social media, prints on simple printers, and shares the pictures over the internet, this camera probably has more usable image quality than the media the images are viewed on.

My P3 body cost $100 on Ebay in February 2017.  For the money, it's the best bargain in a MFT camera I know of, even better than the PL1.

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