GXR A12 50mm and iPad Raw processing fun

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Re: GXR A12 50mm and iPad Raw processing fun

ripleysbaby wrote:

I always thought the GXR was a great camera . However for me there were a few issues with it that caused me to part with it. I still look on eBay from time to time but bodies are quite rare it seems. OP, nice to see it's still getting used. What app do you use on your iPad for the dng's ?

Sorry rb (and Lance), I did post a response to this earlier but just noticed it didn't take, maybe i lost connection before the post completed.

Thanks for the comments.

I mostly use two different raw Apps at the moment; Adobe's PS Express and Googles Snapseed.

They both function as stand alone editors that also play nicely with the built in Photos.app but of the two, only PSE installs itself as a Photos.app extension, and so is slightly more convenient to launch while browsing your photos.

They both have strengths and weaknesses. PSE has much better noise filtering (from raw), while Snapseed allows multiple stacked layers of the same adjustment type.

Both are free. PSE is initially restricted with some editing features being locked as premium features, but these can currently also be unlocked for free by signing in with an adobe ID (you can create one if you don't already have one), however Adobe say these premium  features are being made available free only for a limited time and may be later withdrawn from non-subscription users.

Hopefully, a future version of Snapseed will make significant improvements to its noise filtering and also integrate with Photos.app as an extension, and then PSE won't be needed by the time they turn off the premium features.

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