I immediately returned my 12-60 f2.8-f4........

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Re: I immediately returned my 12-60 f2.8-f4........

BRUCEK1956 wrote:

I already have the Olympus 12-100 f4 and have commented on this forum it is the sharpest zoom lens I have ever used. Sharp wide open at every focal length right into the corners.

It simply has no weaknesses as far as sharpness. I use it on an Olympus Pen F.

I decided I wanted to get the new Panasonic Leica 12-60 to use more as an indoor lens because of its shorter range and smaller and lighter weight.

Now please understand this is MY experience with MY copy of the lens.

I was very disappointed in the lens. It was not sharp at all in corners with a "smearing" effect at almost all focal lengths other than at 60 mm.

The lens was adequate in the corners at 60mm but not what I would consider sharp.

I will say the lens was sharp at all focal lengths in the center but was very surprised how poorly it performed in the corners.........and I don't mean extreme corners.

Even in the center however it was not as sharp as the Olympus 12-100.

What also was disconcerting was there was not a consistency to the weak corners.

By that I mean at different focal lengths it would vary between being sharper on the left side compared to the right.

That of course sounds like it could be a decentered lens.

Whatever the reason after a few hours of testing the lens very carefully there was no way I was going to keep the lens.

It is already on its way back (to an authorized store seller).

Please do not attack the messenger! As stated this was my experience with my copy of the lens. Others may have perfectly acceptable samples of this lens that they are happy with.

What this experience did for me however was to now know I have no interest in getting this lens even if it was exchanged for a better performing one.

My Olympus 12-100 is definitely bigger and heavier but its performance is so outstanding I simply now am willing to accept its additional size and weight.

Care to share pics?

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