First studio shoot with M5 - AF disappoints in low light

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Re: First studio shoot with M5 - AF disappoints in low light

Alan Sh wrote:

I'm not sure I follow this.

Why would you NOT use a proper DSLR in a studio. Surely the whole point of mirrorless is its weight for using on the go. OK - it's not that good under studio lights, but it was never designed for that (in my opinion).

I can see that as an intellectual exercise, this is a good test - but for real work? I don't think so.

Or am I missing something?

No, mostly an excercise. I tend to create complicated scenarios from time to time E.g. when we do weddings, for promoshoot, we carry our Elinchrom ELB400 + DeepOcta kit, where others would do with just the speedlite ...

I like the design of the M6 more than M5. I want an external EFV. With DSLR, I sometimes use a magnifier of the LCD screen, to see details. So I thought that with the EVF, I could see the resulting image up-front, right once I create a shot.
But with M6, I can't have an external EVF and the Skyport Transmitter, as the hot-shoe is going to be taken. I am already concluding on using a synchro cube. Complicated, isn't it? But - I like that stuff as an amusement



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