Did you move from Canon DSLR to Sony Mirrorless?

Started Feb 20, 2017 | Polls thread
woof woof
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Re: Did you move from Canon DSLR to Sony Mirrorless?

I went from the original 5D and mostly primes to the original A7 and mostly primes for reasons of bulk and weight and also because I'd been running Micro Four Thirds alongside the 5D and began to appreciate the advantages of the EVF and the associated exposure and focus aids. MFT couldn't at the time quite match the quality I was getting from the 5D at higher ISO's and I guessed that the A7 would, and it did.

I couldn't really be happier as I now have a FF camera that's about the same size as a 35mm film SLR, but a bit heavier. This is what I've wanted since going digital, I was never really happy with bloated DSLR kit.

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