First studio shoot with M5 - AF disappoints in low light

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Re: First studio shoot with M5 - AF disappoints in low light

MinAZ wrote:

Admittedly, the conditions were demanding even for a DSLR. It was a low key studio shoot, with the only source of illumination (before flash) being the modeling lamps of several Buff strobes (I forget the exact model). And, needless to say, this being a test of the M system, I tried using an M lens, specifically the 18-150mm. Sad to say, this combo simply did not work. The lens was too slow to AF under these conditions. Raising the light level to probably the equivalent of 1000+ watts continuous, and the AF worked reliably but was slow, and in fact everything about this camera is still slow when compared to the mirrorless competition. Nothing was intolerable, more like annoying. The responsiveness of even simple tasks like swiping the rear LCD to swap photos or move the AF point was just sluggish.

The strengths? The same as before - the image quality. The M5 continues the fine tradition of rendering images as only Canon can. It's superb, even with a consumer lens.

But I cannot use it for any serious shoots for the reasons cited. This may seem like I am recommending against this camera, but that is far from the truth. If the price does not deter, I actually highly recommend it because low light is not everything unless you happen to be into astrophotography I guess.

I agree, with the exception of the 22mm f2 lens the existing selection of lenses is very slow. I'm in the process of deciding on a mirrorless camera and had my first opportunity to play with the M5 when visiting a store in Ottawa. I live in the country and don't get too many opportunities to get into town, especially in winter! Even with store lighting I found it hard to get focus lock at longer focal lengths, f6.3 comes very quickly on the 18-150.

The saving grace is that I own a good selection of fast EF glass and for studio work I can live with that as weight isn't an issue on a tripod. Having a lightweight body, for me, is ideal for a travel camera without sacrificing IQ by going with a point and shoot.

I'm trusting Canon will augment their lens selection with some fixed f4 or better zooms and some fast primes, in the meantime at least I have the option of EF glass and an adapter.

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