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Re: Bicycle Test

Rishi Sanyal wrote:

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tbcass wrote:

Tequila MockingjayBird wrote:

tbcass wrote:

I found one that was slightly out of focus. What were you doing differently that allowed you to get better results than DPR? What burst mode did you use because I counted 6-8 frames per second? If you were shooting 12fps did you eliminate out of focus shots?
Misuse of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography.

I did not eliminate any shots. They were on high burst rate.

I counted the shots with the timestamp in EXIF and you weren't getting anywhere near 12fps. As I said 6-8 fps.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels
Misuse of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography.

but all are good to go. See? Rather than crying about shots that are OOF, I prefer AF priority shooting.

AF priority on the a99 II uniquely murders the frame rate when there are large changes in subject distance, dropping the camera well below 12 fps, far lower in our bike test in particular.

More so than other cameras. Therefore, we couldn't test the camera in AF priority mode, and instead chose 'Balanced Emphasis' - the default setting.

That statement alone tells me there was something very wrong with your a99ii if it was erratic with all lenses, and not just the 70-200mm.

Most other cameras - choosing 'AF' priority doesn't drop frame rate very much, but the a99 II simply starts stuttering in this mode, so we couldn't use it (for this test). For the a6300, though, for example, we were able to choose 'AF' priority and still have it perform near its max frame rate.

Hopefully this logic makes sense - as we were trying to test at or near the camera's advertised max frame rate. But like I said - our 8 fps results (again with 'Balanced Emphasis') were the same.

Also, 105mm at F4 is considerably more forgiving than 200mm at F2.8.

I understand that. That notwithstanding, I did not get one missed shot in my bicycle test with AF priority at 8fps. Not one. The lens did not hunt, it did not stutter, or just give up.

Thanks for doing this test though - we welcome user feedback/tests. And, yes, we definitely want to test with a different lens, though probably with another copy of the 70-200, as our standard procedure is to test with the system's best 70-200 F2.8 lens for these tests. But out of curiosity, we'll ask for a 300/2.8 lens as well.

Thank you. As an engineer I have this understanding in having used the 70-200 prior that it was not at all made for aggressive sports shooting, regardless of the aperture you put it on. It will work great as long you are shooting within a given distance/focal range such as a baseball game. By the way, that lens comes with a range limiter. Something to think about. Why did SONY provide a range limiter?

Please realize there's only so much out of the way we can go with these re-tests - we have extremely limited resources, and we'd like to devote them to developing actual objective future tests (AF being one of them). After a certain amount of testing, our results are our results, and there will always be those who don't believe them.

I totally understand how hard it is to go about redoing testing when there are new products being introduced literally on a daily basis. But then knowing that is also the reason I picked up my equipment and did some tests with my favorite lens - the Sigma 24-105 f4 HSM.

For example, I wonder how many Canon shooters there are here who to this day believe our opinion of Canon's iTR subject tracking system - solidified by hundreds of tests across all their cameras - are all due to our ineptitude to set up the system right...

Ineptitude is not what I would call out. You folks have the credentials, the knowledge, and the experience. It is just that the SONY SLT line is but a very tiny segment of the market and one cannot expect anybody but the people who are shooting with it regularly to know how it actually works.

If I have been harsh anytime, apologies. I try not to hit "Post" when I am in a heated mindset, but I have failed once or twice. I typically review my response and try to make it as communicative, and not merely argumentative based on unproven theories or hunches.

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