Digital Back for Rollei SL66

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Re: Digital Back for Rollei SL66

After the initial success, I went in and made a nice set up to use my SL66 with my H25 and H20 backs.     However, as you know, the H20 and H25 are made for studio work and therefore, they need to be tethered to a computer.    So I had to make a small cart to take my SL66, the computer and the IEEE 1394 Firewire repeater along during the shoot.    This set up was quite hard to move around and so I had to move to a more portable set up.    For this I chose the Phase One P25 digital back, which is exactly the same as the H25 but has all the necessary features to make it portable and very nice to move around.     The only sticky issue was the access to the CF card, which was solved with ES&S GMBH, CF Card Extender (

The portable solution, SL66 with Phase One P25 back and the TTL meter finder.

view from the back

A view from the left side.

With the portable solution, I can go on location and focus on shooting and not have to worry too much about the computer, the firewire repeater etc.    It makes it much more fun to shoot.     The H25 was a nice start and gave me a lot of idea but the best way it the portable solution.

By the way, last weekend, I was in Khao Yai and ran into the local Lamborghini gathering, so I took a few shots just for fun...

Lamborghini Gallardo, Huracan, SL66E 40mm Distagon

Lamborghini Aventador, SL66E 40mm Distagon

Portable Solution is the way to go...

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