2 low-cost cameras for 3d?

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Re: 2 low-cost cameras for 3d?

Not sure what you are asking.  Do you want a 2D single lens camera that has a builtin 3D feature--ala. you press the shutter as you are moving the camera left to right and it takes several pics and combines them into a mpo?  Or a twin lens 3D camera?

I had a Panasonic 2D camera that did that several years ago and found the 3D to be hit or miss. I now use a Panasonic 3D1 and Fuji W3 twin lens cameras (both hard to find cheap these days). You can get a cheap used 2D camera and do the cha-cha method (take one pic, then move the camera to the right and take another and combine the two using Stereomaker). I do this with my cellphone a lot and it works fairly well. You can't have subjects that move, though, between shots.

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