Canon M6 vs Samsung NX1

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Re: can you lend me the money?

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I think that Sony is the only brand that can give us, and will give us the best APSc camera for a reasonable price. For me, right now, te only problem with Sony's APSc cameras, is that they adamantly maintain that stupid, non ergonomic, and overheating body... If they put all their technology, on an acceptable body things would be different...

Sony listened to you and they released the A99 ii just for you. 43MP amazing sensor, 4K video, ergo body, fully articulated screen, EVF, IBIS etc.

I wonder why didn't they did it yet... I mean, all that IQ in such a frustrating camera body...

UAU!!! That's fantastic, now you only have to lend me some money, because 3200$, for me is prohibitive... I was thinking more about having all you say, at around 1000$... the NX50, could have been such a camera... Please Samsung do comeback... These prices are getting on my nerves

Trolls are very poor you know, that's why we are always complaining

I always wondered why they live under bridges, guess I know now

Yeah... If we look in that perspective, we are very fortunate to have 1000$ to buy a new camera, once in a while...

But, let me add this... Why is it too much to ask for the technology of the NX1 to be in the body of the NX30?

Well.... the NX30 body in particular is very plast-icky, I prefer the body that it is in.

I mean we are talking about 2 years old technology, right?

Yes, don't worry, I'm calling companies embarrassing regularly for not meeting these standards set by a company not even in the market, talk about a mic drop, lol.  I don't think that it devalues their offerings though.

For instances Sony would solve its overheating issues if the A6500 body was bigger,

Maybe, it depends on exactly how the overheating is happening.  A bigger computer case won't solve overheating from cracked thermal paste for instance.

so why this delay?

Hold your horses, Sony barely got the A6500 out the door

The only thing this camera lacks is a good LCD and a good, and ergonomic body, in my opinion...

Ergonomics aren't hipster enough?

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