How to expose to minimise noise?

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Re: How to expose to minimise noise?

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What's the difference between ETTR and expose with the blinkies?

ETTR is always carried out at base ISO.

Not true. Regardless of the ISO setting it's always better to collect more light (ETTR).

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Bill, I know the comment above is in regards to noise but in some situations, ETTL works better as it allows faster shutter speeds and and lessens the effects of motion blur. Many birds (even at rest) require ETTL and with a D810 most of that light can be processed back in.

It's a definitional thing - ETTR takes as a given that you're not adjusting shutter speed and aperture beyond what you consider to be minimally acceptable for the image capture. If you are within those minimally acceptable parameters, however, and still have latitude for increasing exposure, then the goal of ETTR is to increase exposure up to just shy of blowing "critical" highlights (you define what's critical to you). If you've reached the point of minimum acceptable shutter speed and aperture and you still aren't closing in on critical highlight saturation, then (for most cameras) you should increase ISO until you approach highlight saturation or you've reached the highest real ISO for the camera.

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