FZ300K arrived today

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Re: FZ300K arrived today

geek101 wrote:

Mikedigi wrote:

Feeling-wise, I wanted an FZ8, same 36-432mm lens, same size and weight, same dull black unobtrusive appearance, but with better JPEG IQ . . . Toys 'r Us, but deadly serious.

Market forces, I guess, needed a better zoom range, and so on, and so on . . . .

The ZS/TZs fill the gap, I suppose, but I did like the FZ8 style and grip, and the reasonable-size EVF.

(It seems that both of us had a camera we loved, but had to abandon due to poor performance in low light. In my case I would love an FZ50 mark 2, same size, same non-extending zoom and relatively light weight, and ability to take lens adaptors - but with low-light capability, a touchscreen, 4K, hdmi, and hopefully water & dust resistance. Now that my G6+14-140mm has died, I'm dithering between buying one of the 330, 1000 or 2000, or waiting to see what is round the corner. In the meantime, a TZ100 is my main camera.)

[ Off-topic:

Re G6, Nick (gardenersassistant) has recently bought a G80, which does not have the shutter slap problem of the G7, and which would presumably be good with the 14-140.

I bought an FZ50 just a few months ago, for £50 on Ebay UK, because I had never had one and wanted to experience it. It is that subtle medium grey colour and it exudes build quality and the lens is something special.

It is now sharing me with an FZ200, an FZ330 and (bought only 2 months ago) an FZ1000.

The FZ330 feels most like the FZ50, very much a refined, finished product, and I regularly let it go to 400 ISO, it is not bad at 800 and struggles at 1600.

I don't usually accumulate cameras. I love the FZ330 as a good re-work of the FZ200, they have kept the good bits of the FZ200 and added some good stuff. The FZ1000 takes over for landscape, low light and indoors. The FZ200 has to go soon, regretfully. ]


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