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Re: Since you are insinuating Race, lets discuss it.

Pierre Paulson wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

Pierre Paulson wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

If a person is capable of getting an education, or capable of working, or both and they don't, why should those that do have to supplement their wishes?

What are you tying to say? Who are you talking about?

It is so typical that you would always BRING race into a discussion. So, since you are, lets post some FACTS. Here goes.

According to the statistics in the below link from the Department of Commerce, United States of America.


Here are the quoted facts.

21.2% of American's are on some type of Government Assistance.

39.6% of them are Black. (26,884,000 Black Americans).

16.8% of them are White. (11,405.000 White Americans).

If you break that down further, and base those statistics on PER CAPITA, the numbers are embarrassing to Black American's.

According to the United States Census bureau, as of July 2016,


there were 323 MILLION Americans, and Whites were 77% of those, and blacks were 13.3% of those. So, lets break it down even FURTHER.

That means 248,710,000 million Americans are WHITE. So, if you take the 11,405,000 white American's on Government assistance and divide it by the total white population of 248,710,000, that means, 4.5% of White American's are on Government Assistance.

Now, lets look at Blacks. 323 million Americans, of which 13.3% are black. That means there are, 42,959,000 million Black Americans living in the United States. That is 13.3% of the population. Yep, you are starting to see it now I am sure. But, lets keep going.

If you take the 26,884,000 million Black Americans on some type of Government assistance, and divide it by the total black population of 42,959,000, that means, 62.5% of black Americans are receiving some type of Government assistance. 62.5%


4.5% of White American's are receiving some type of Governmental Assistance.

62.5% of Black American's are receiving some type of Governmental Assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above statistics are based on total US population. Obviously the numbers will not be completely accurate since children are included in those numbers.

This post is for statistical purposes only, and to show our resident race baiter, Mamallama, that his argument is, well................................the statistics speak much louder than anybody in this forum can.

Nuff said. If the shoe fits, you gotta wear it.

Now, let the rebuttals and ignorant reply's be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

As difficult as it may be to refute the facts you have presented, I have all the confidence in the world that mamallama has a rebuttal and shall not recognize your white data.

Just the opposite Bill. He usually runs away when I post facts with proof. He simply can not refute the truth. It has happened many many times with him. When I throw PROOF and FACTS in front of him, he never comes back to the thread, ever.

Take a look at the below link where I caught him in a BOLD FACED LIE. A child of 3 years old could have seen his lie in this post of his. I challenged him 3 times, and every single time, YEP, he refused to respond. He can't! He was caught.

That was a great catch.


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