WI college students want everything for free !

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Re: Lets be honest.... nothing is ever free

Marty4650 wrote:

Boblob wrote:

The other option is the same tax amounts but better usage of the money.

Instead of the absolute waste that is made of it in some places...

Here's a sideways example:

About 15 years ago it was worked out by a mate of mine - that Australia could entirely fund, AND improve with extra funding, the Medicare system JUST on the tax on tobacco and alcohol.

If road/car tax and fuel tax went into the road system we'd all have the best roads in the world, flat and even and pothole free.

Bob, raising tax on something else isn't "using government money more efficiently."


That's not what I said (unless I c0cked up my sentences).

I said that they don't need to raise any taxes - just use the money better, stop the wastage.

BTW - it's not "government money", it's "taxpayer money" or, more accurately, "the people's money".

The whole treatment of it as "government money" is why they think they can waste it where they wish... usually in themselves..

It is simply penalizing someone else so you can get something you want for free. It really is exactly what those social justice warriors are asking for. The only difference being you are penalizing a selected group of taxpayers rather than all taxpayers.

What is interesting and onerous is that this proposal isn't for "free college for all" or even "free college for those who can't afford it." It isn't anything like "free grade school."

The proposed plan was for "free college for people of color" which not only puts the cost burden on taxpayers, but also discriminates against "people without colour."

I agree - it's a racist move.

i confess that I do support free or subsidies education for those who can pass entry grade requirements.

I consider that the value of an educated population is worth more than the loss of tax moneys to their education grants - educating the youth of today IS the future of tomorrow.

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