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Re: spinning lens around central axis

d750guy wrote:

mike in london wrote:

Ah that looks perfect! Do you think any particular gimbal would do this better (more smooth movement - less jitter?) Would it be possible to motorise this or too expensive?

Should it be a straightforward process to centralise the axis point then you think, just trial and error if its has to be moved from site to site?

Thank you for your input, much appreciated

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Yes, it can be motorized. There are motorized panning and titling mechanisms used for video. What you're essentially doing is "tilting" the camera while it's pointed sideways.

The gimbal looks to have tension knob that allows you to control the smoothness of the movement.

Centering the lens isn't very hard, you can get pretty close eyeballing it. Then it's a matter of test shots while the camera is rotated to fine tune it's position.

Moving from location to location isn't a problem, you won't need to recenter the lens as long as the camera stays locked onto the gimbal.

Do you think any particular make of gimbal would do this better (more smooth movement - less jitter?)

many recomendations  for a model?


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