Why my Canon T2I takes better pictures than my Canon 6D

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Landscapeforfun wrote:

2. There is a huge depth of field difference. The 6D image is shot at f/4. The T2i image is shot at f/5.6. A crop camera gains an extra stop of DoF so essentially you are comaring f/4 to f/8. The lens is both sharper and has a greater depth of field in the T2i picture because of that.

On for example 10 meters and a 200mm lens there is not a huge difference in DOF on those 2 cameras. The 6D at f/4 has DOF of 0.59 meters and the T2i at f/5.6 has DOF of 0.53 meters. According to Dofmaster.com.

Image quality on both these cameras can be seen here:


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