telefunk: a question about the ZR5000

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Re: telefunk: a question about the ZR5000

Guy Parsons wrote:

rube39 wrote:

Thanks guys. Nice shot, and no I never pixel peep.

I am thinking now about either the Casio or the UW lens for the Pentax Q7 (17-27).

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If considering the Q7 then you have another system camera. The beauty of the Casio is the compactness and the 19-95mm equivalent would be really nice and useful. Honestly the Casio would be my choice out of those.

For me the M4/3 system is the low limit for system cameras and the maybe Oly E-PL7/8 with the Oly 9-18mm lens (18-36mm equiv.) gives small lens wideness. I put the Samyang 7.5mm on my E-P5 when I want even wider, can use it fishy or later use software de-fishing to end up with a result that seems wider than the 7-14mm zooms can do.

I think that you need a visit to Yodobashi and play with all the contenders to see what fits the hand best. A pity that Casio have faded from Australia otherwise I think that I would quite readily buy the ZR5000 just to see how useful it could be. Maybe I should just get one anyway mailed from Japan or Hong Kong.

Right now on my desktop near me I am running a Japan slideshow on a 24 inch calibrated IPS screen and apart from the fact I have filenames displayed, in truth I can't see any real differences between the ZR850 and the Olympus E-P5 with its 12-40/2.8 lens. Daylight shots all good, night time makes a difference though, and the ZR5000 would be better anyway.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do, just rambling with my own thoughts on what I might do.


I thought you knew that I shoot with all kinds of gear. The common denominator is that they are small (and mostly cheap.

I already have the Q7 (and Ako has my original Q), and think it is great. So only the cost of the lens there. Ako and I both shoot with the Nikon 1 V2 for super tele, sports and wildlife. Fantastic reach, speed and results. I have plenty to mirrorless as well. In fact, I used to have the 9-18 and the 75-300 but college demanded them back. That is why I a still in the market for a super tele and UWA!

But I will take you advice and go into Yodobashi soon, to check out the ZR4000 (same as the ZR5000 apparently, just different name for different markets.) It is funny that over here Casio is marketing it at women wanting the perfect selfie machine (hence the UWA)

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