Software for F700 Raw File Experiments updated...

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Software for F700 Raw File Experiments updated...

... and available as Windows-EXE and C++ Source code.

The EXE is in ( copy that adress to your browser) http:

If you first want to check the size of this file, open

The Source Code is in

We were wondering what the Finepix F700 does
and how it achieves dynamic range.
George Chen posted a few raw files in this thread
and I developed a little bit of software to extract the two F700 pictures
from the raw file.
They are taken from the High sensisitive photodiodes and
from the low sensitive photodiodes. It looks like this

The two images can be used to see what the F700 did
or to add the two images with other images processing software.
Only for smaller print sizes ( because my software does not extract
the full resolution, and because my software is not optimized ).

I do not have the time to continue development of this software
except for bug fixing. Please post here if you find a bug

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