Is Loxia 21mm the best between 20 and 28mm?

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Is Loxia 21mm the best between 20 and 28mm?

Hi all,

I've never been a big landscape shooter (only occasionally) but I started a few months age to develop my skills in that field, and I'm enjoying that more and more since I have my A7II. Yet, I still haven't found what "specialized" lens to get.

I first wanted a 28mm to stay classic. I don't care about AF but the lack of EXIF on adapted lenses bothers me, so I was aiming at the Sony 28mm. I had the opportunity to borrow one for a few hours last week and make some trials, I liked the lens (pretty good for its price!) but found it a little too short.

So I would like something wider, but without going below 20mm (too much distortion to my taste). I don't think I'll do astro, so aperture is not important.

I have read dozens of reviews of the lenses in that range:

-Batis 25mm f2
-Zeissony 24mm f2 in A mount with LAEA3
-Loxia 21mm f2.8
-Firin 20mm f2

All get good ratings and all are praised by the reviewers... Nothing seemed to stand out of the crowd. I couldn't find any "best". I know that "best" is relative, and that lots of thing are matter of taste in photography, so there can't be a "best" that pleases everyone. But sometimes there is a consensus, for example, most reviewer seem to agree that the 90mm f2.8 GM is the best macro lens ever. Here, no consensus.

Then I went to see samples, on 500px and Flickr especially. Hundreds, thousands of landscapes with each lens... I also looked at samples from legacy glass, out of curiosity.
And I immediately saw that one lens was different.
One actually standed out of the crowd.
I fell in love with the Loxia.

It's the only one who really gave me a WOW effect. Thank to the unique sun stars? Probably, but not only, the pictures look more alive and punchy than any other. The rendering has something special that the others don't have.
Anyway, now I want no other.

So I put in on top of my wish list.

But before I pull the trigger ($1500 is a lot of money for me), I wanted to know if there are other people here who had the same feelings.

I wanted to ask owners:

-Do you still love it after some time or do you get bored?
-Do you have any regret of buying this lens, for instance, have you found an even better one, or think it's too expensive for what it is?
-Have you found any drawbacks with this lens, or situations where it doesn't perform well?

Also, I want to hear those who don't like it. If you have considered this lens but didn't buy it, why?

Thank you!

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