Is winter done yet???

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Is winter done yet???

Hi All

Packrats, mice, no phone service for 5 days, BBQ frozen in 3” ice, dropped 5# metal wood splitter on finger (still hurts), snowblower wheel wouldn’t turn, snow, snow, shovelling, snow, rain, raccoons, ice…snow, slush, roads closed, black ice or more snow! OK, I’m through complaining – especially when I see what the weather is doing AGAIN in eastern Canada/USA and I do have a warm fire and electricity so I can sulk comfortably!!

We've had a lot of snow this year and I'd already cleared my driveway three times when I awoke to this:

This is my deck and sliding door. There was no snow here when I went to bed the night before!

I didn't have the time or energy to shovel this side of my deck so this is an accumulation of snow. That's my birdbath in the back-centre with new snow on top.

There is 2' of snow here that needs removing! I did!...and then had to remove it from me! Stylish jacket was my husband's warm wool and roomy enough for sweaters. Essential hat keeps (sorta) snow off my glasses but snow is frozen to face and hair frozen solid with snowballs!! What an introductory sight!! or LOL

After clearing the snow, I awoke to find this 15' deep and up to 2' high swath of frozen snow (I had to hand roll the big ball)...a gift from the snowplow ...sighhhh!

A day's reprieve and then another foot of snow! Note that birdbath is now a cone and not a cylinder!

Next night I couldn't sleep...must have been the moonlight! so I ended up outside with my camera and tripod at 1:30 a.m. attempting night photos. It was actually Very dark and there was no blue sky - it was black! I know it's not in focus but I was delighted with the blue skies and light in the middle of the night!!

Another night light photo taken at 1 a.m. which I lightened just a whisker! BTW, it was -8C!

The next day I awoke and was stunned to find raccoon tracks INSIDE my 'keep-turkeys-out' bird cage!!   How on earth could those critters get through a 4" square opening??!!   I would love to have had a trail camera set up for that maneuver !!   

Ahhhhh!   Country living.....BTW..does anyone have a spare room where the warm sun shines and it's above 0 deg??? 



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