Leica - a wish list from an outsider!

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Leica - a wish list from an outsider!

I am a Nikon user, but I really like the Leica brand, so I hope this post is OK

It seems to me that in the last couple of years, Leica has developed some pretty impressive products

- the SL is the most exciting Mirrorless FF body

- the Q is the best fixed lens FF

- the M10 seems to me a very nice culmination of all the different variants of digital rangefinder Leica have been iterating since the M8.

Whilst costing a lot in absolute terms, given the tiny volumes Leica must make, I actually think the body prices are pretty reasonable. Leica cameras are now competitive on their own terms, rather than depending on exclusivity and the brand.

I've recently had reason to treat myself to something, and could have 'justified' the spending on a Leica as an additional 'special' camera.

But I can't find one I really want to buy!

All the APS-C bodies don't have an EVF. I think an add-on EVF is simply a no-go in premium camera bodies, so the TL and X are out.

I love the idea of an M10 and a compact prime, but I fear I just wouldn't find manual focus something I would use enough to justify it. I don't just want a trophy gathering dust.

The Q is among the more affordable choices. But a 28mm lens is too wide for me in a fixed lens camera. 35mm is as wide as I'd go.

The SL body is within my potential budget, but I don't want the optical perfection and the size and price that comes with it in the SL lens range.

Of course, if money was not an issue, I'd buy all 3. But I really want something I'd use, and I feel stupid spending Leica money on something I know in my heart isn't right for my use/needs.

It feels to me Leica have tremendous products that just manage to miss more mainstream/general appeal.

Please Leica, make one or more of the following

- a Q with a 35mm or 40mm lens

- a compact, more affordable SL prime

- an X or T body with a good integrated EVF

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