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Re: G9X vs. RX100 M3 - AWB and High ISO Noise comparison

Thomaxs wrote:

May I please chip in on this post please. I'm looking at getting either the Canon or Sony but am having trouble deciding. I have put a post in beginers questions if you are interested.


I had/have the 100 M 3. Fedex lost it, so no know if I will have it a day.

But now I am in Asia and need desperately a replacement for my holiday pics here.

To see what the RX 100 can do follow my links. Most are shot with the RX 100, some (portraits) with the Canon EOS 650.

Now my problem is the RX 100 can maybe found by fedex. I was extremely happy with it, best smaller camera I ever had. I would go for the G 9, ir G 7, so I not will have 2 RX 100, if they find it back.  But..... G 7 has maybe bit better zoom capability (better   for portraits), the G 9 not and is just more pocket-able, but BOTH not have a viewfinder.

As I not see so well close any more, that means having my spectacles with me everywhere, which is not always confident, so I am afraid, I have not much options.

And even with that slight handicap, and with glasses on, in bright islands sunlight, not see much on a screen....

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