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yes but....

used the rx1 voraciously after immediate purchase (had to justify that 3k+ pricetag!) but then it sat on the shelf for circa 2 years before i sold it out of neglect

+best built camera ive held.  great heft and billet/ingot metal feel.

+yes, the picture quality is superb at 100% peeping vs m43.  its 24 megapixels after all, and the lens seems to resolve every pixel of that.

+usb charging is great.  ive said it before and ill say it again.

-no ergonomics.  a little handgrip would have served it well, and balanced the aesthetics with that protruding lens.

-speed of operation is slow.  from power on to focusing to ergonomics and design of controls.  the exp comp dial is too stiff.

-full menus are every bit as unfriendly as olympus.  but olympus SCP is superior to the sony quick menu (whatever they call it)

-i love viewfinders and the external evf is an utter waste of my $500.  clunky, swan neck design prone to getting knocked around, poor viewing depth.  auto switching is slow...adds to the laggard nature of operation.

-no ibis really narrows down the "shooting envelope" of the camera.  yeah yeah its full frame one can shoot at 3 billion ISO. ibis doesnt freeze motion... etc.  heard it all. shot it all.  ibis is a better solution for this hobbyist.

lastly, to circle back to IQ... in size range of a3-a1 which i regularly do, the print differences do not show up.  in many shooting and viewing situations, the IQ does not show up.  the versatility of swapping lenses (or having e.g. 12-40 zoom) is greater than a fixed 35mm that needs to be cropped in post (and associated loss of resolution)

what i found that i could i could get better images simply by having a camera that responds to my operation in all situations, rather than one that is better *on paper* in some shooting scenarios.

for a companion camera, i stuck around with a fuji x100 series that , while having many many flaws of its own, and unquestionably and objectively worse IQ than the sony, is just more fun to use.

the sony is still great.  i told the honest truth to the fella who bought it.  if youre a disciplined, methodical shooter, in love with 35mm FOV, who wants the absolute best image quality that also happens to come in a compact size.... its a perfect camera.  but i am not that shooter.

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