Nikon 50mm 1.4G vs 1.4D?

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Re: Nikon 50mm 1.4G vs 1.4D?

I presume you are asking for examples of gelded versus lenses that have aperture rings?  There really is no difference in the images each style renders (to my knowledge).    I just happen to prefer "old school" gear.

If you are asking about images generally, I post them at

I quit using my gelded 35mm lens in around 2014 so older than that is the cheap glass.  The 2017 folder has images taken with my best glass.

atamandeniz wrote:

Muaze Nakhez wrote:

$270 vs $450 respectively

I have nikon d600

Is paying extra worth it. I'm a student with a limited budget. I can save more if theb difference is worth waiting

I'm an old time film guy so I am quite comfortable with manual focus. I also find that I prefer an aperture ring over setting it in he camera. It's just easier/faster for me to make that change on the lens.

You can get a used 50mm f/1.4 MF for under $100 all day long. The market is flooded with them. It's a very nice lens. The f/1.2 at 2-3x the price is even better (at f/2-f/8.).

Bokeh is so subjective.... but all of the expert reviews I've read pretty much love the Nikkor 50mm MF lenses. If you buy used and wind up not liking it you can always sell it for what you paid on Craigslist.

Personally, I have never been a fan of gelded lenses. The G series REMOVED a feature/benefit.

The MF Nikkors are metal and glass. They look nice and feel nice. You get that nice 3D effect that you don't get with lenses that have a gazillion elements. The f/1.4 is a darned nice prime IMHO

There's nothing "wrong" with the AF gelded lens especially if you are too lazy to manually focus. Either will take dandy photos.

Could you share an example?



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