Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

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Re: Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

I'm very interested in hearing how this turned out for you. I'm in the exact same situation. I have a quote from B&H, just heard from Adorama. I'm concerned about what I've read about quotes being adjusted once the gear is sent in to Adorama. From what I understand, Adorama's quote is an estimated resale value, NOT what they're going to give you. You can expect up to 70% of whatever they quote (again, just an estimate) you over the phone. This is fair, but there are some variables here that make this a little bit of a gamble. On top of that Adorama's rep mentioned that, when buying new gear they can throw in a discount. No idea of what that discount is, if he's just offering me the promotion Sony already has going, or what. So, Adorama is a mystery play for me right now.

Seeing as how I'm changing my entire system to Sony, whichever treats me better will be getting a lot of business. Sony glass ain't cheap!

How did things work for you?

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