Why my Canon T2I takes better pictures than my Canon 6D

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Re: Why my Canon T2I takes better pictures than my Canon 6D

The term "better" is not very specific, but my T2I does show more detail at the center than my 5D III with the same lens and settings. The reason is straightforward. The pixels are smaller on the T2I.  In the terms used in film days, that is like using a finer grain film. It's quite clear with my two cameras. But of course the FOV is smaller, the images become noisier at much lower ISO, and there are DOF differences if FOV is matched.  I would say my 5D III and your 6D are a much more capable cameras, capable of getting excellent images in a much wider range of conditions, especially low light. There is much more to a camera than central image detail, and from the standpoint of overall performance I consider my 5D III a much better camera. FWIW, my Olympus Pen F shows more detail with a good len of the same focal length than either of these two cameras, but I wouldn't say it was a better camera. Smaller pixels is the funfamental reason for saying a crop camera has a "greater reach." The pixel density is higher which means the pixels are smaller. That fact that a crop camera has a smaller a smaller FOV with the same lens doesn'talone mean it has greater reach. You could crop the FF camera to the same FOV, but then you have less pixels in your image that you do with the crop camera.

I might also mention that if you match FOV with your two cameras, which would require a longer focal length lens on the 6D, you will see more detail with the 6D.

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