Why my Canon T2I takes better pictures than my Canon 6D

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Re: Why my Canon T2I takes better pictures than my Canon 6D

ManikD wrote:

Sage wrote:

If your 6D is still covered by the Canon 1 year warranty, you can send it in to a Canon repair facility and ask to have the focus calibrated just to ensure its operating within specs.

Thanks for the response but I dont have coverage now .

I have both the t2i and the 6D.

A t2i can take as sharp or sharper pictures than a 6D, until ISO 800 or 1600, then the noise gets to be too much generally. I think of my 6D as being the same noise wise as the t2i at 2 stops higher (t2i 800, 6D 6400). Plus the noise quality is easier to deal with.

Others have mentioned the depth of field. The main reason to get full frame is for control over DOF, especially if you want to throw backgrounds out of focus. Crop sensors have greater depth of field at the same aperture, and full frame less.

So higher ISO, and more control over depth of field. These are the two main reasons to get FF. In addition some like to shoot lenses at their intended focal length. I also think there is a full frame "look" that is pleasing, but that is hard to quantify.

The reasons to go with crop: greater apparent zoom, cheaper, lighter, greater depth of field which masks shooting errors.

But they can be equally sharp, and in some cases sharper, than full frame.

So check your focus on the 6D, learn the cameras'  pros and cons, and use whichever camera is more appropriate for the task.

PS I never use my t2i since I got the 6D. YMMV.

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