Lost my Sony RX 100 M 3 at airport. What to buy instead?

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Re: You need to see a Neurologist

nofumble wrote:

You forgot your sandwich and then the camera in same day, and now you are heading to Philippine ?? You bless you.

Well, I not need to go for that. First, the Rent a car agency in Brussels is in a dark underground garage, where you not see much. I did looked in the car before leaving, if I not forget anything, even under the seats. But black on black is not so visible.

Then here in Europe, carry your bag, as they charge separate for it, if they handle it, people carry more and more luggage. So all is in backpack. Meaning computer, headphones, clothing phone and travel-documents. So if I only forgot the sandwich, and not the computer, phone and other stuff, is not such a big deal.

Then if you think, that everything always goes smooth and your purpose of travel is leisure only, well this is not the case. It was my third trip from France to Belgium, to arrange all paperwork, because the appartement of my mother, burned down. So if your brain function is a bit less alert, after visiting her in eldery home do all the paperwork, negotiate with Insurance companies, put her place in good condition, contact real estate companies, is no reason to see a shrink.

But a leisure trip, to Philippines and Thailand is welcome. Money, much better spend.
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