Coolpix A with wideangle WC-E68 and JJC-LH-CP18Adapter with pics

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Re: These look better.

timatkins wrote:

Sorry, its 1stop, not 5.

Im also trying to figure out how to display the histogram and other info on playback. I found the setting area in the menu but even when ive checked them it still wont show up when I review.

When in view mode, click repeatedly on the upper button of the four-way control. It'll cycle through all of the readings whose boxes were checked. The histogram is in one of them. I think there are four different screens of info.

BTW, your samples indicate 2EV bias and that is 4 times the light, not 2X as I stated before my nap. Your camera is defaulted to two stops over. I'd click the +/- button on the upper left of your camera's back, and look along the bottom of the LCD to see whether you have exposure bias is set for two stops overexposure. You can correct it by turning the main control wheel on the top of the camera while pressing the +/- button, changing it back to the middle or zero. Then your manual overrides should be closer to what you intend.

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