Coolpix A with wideangle WC-E68 and JJC-LH-CP18Adapter with pics

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These look better.

It looks like your sharpness has improved.  I'm wondering though, how you've arrived at your exposure setting.  The EXIF info in your samples says you're at 2 EV, or twice the normal exposure.  I'm wondering how you're using the camera's exposure adjustments to make you believe you're underexposing by five stops.  Can you clarify? Your top button on the left of the LCD opens your exposure compensation menu, if you're using auto exposure.  However, if you're setting full manual, I wonder how you're going about the metering.  Are you at "M" on the top dial and using the camera's manual exposure scale?  Or are you using a separate handheld meter?

On the subject of depth of field, your maximum DOF comes from focusing 1/3 of the way in, not 1/2 as someone else posted.  DOF extends twice as far behind the focus point as in front of it.

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