Coolpix A with wideangle WC-E68 and JJC-LH-CP18Adapter with pics

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Re: Coolpix A with wideangle WC-E68 and JJC-LH-CP18Adapter with pics

basyl1891 wrote:

timatkins wrote:

After a few days of intensiv googling, I got myself a cheap Nikon WC-E68 from ebay, 70 usd and the third party lens hood that has the same thread size, for 30 usd, all in all 100.

Im on my phone so I can only upload 2 images now, from my messy studio. Right off the bat i can say that sharpness is not very good, and from initial tests its best at 5.6 to 8

Well, yes, to get sharp edges on a landscape shot you definitely need to stop down to F8.

As to your indoor samples at F5, you can get sharper edges by focusing somewhat closer, probably at the middle of the scene.

Yes. Def f8 or there around.  I just used the autofokus on wide i believe. Any other tips to improve sharpness are welcome!

im happy with the fov  and that the quality  isnt worse. Im sure there is a lens profile that is applicable, maybe the ricoh? I will take it for a walk tomorrow.

Here are some f8, 1.6s,  iso 100, no adl.  I wonder  how well the raw files will do..

II have to say the screen is rather worthless. Im underexposing with about 5 stops it seems to get the balance i want...

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