Worth buying into a D750 now?

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Re: Worth buying into a D750 now?

Just like ncsuphil I've done a bit of background research. You posted this in the Beginners' Questions forum:

"I've been using a Nikon D3300 for the last year or so, and upgraded to a Sigma 18-250 mm lens in the summer for all-around travel purposes. But I'm craving a little more of an edge with wide-angle shots and night sky shooting specifically. I've been looking through some lenses on various websites and quite frankly it's all becoming a bit of a blur.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a lens that fits this need and preferably won't break the bank too hard?


OK, the D3300 is an "entry level" camera - but it has more or less the same sensor as the D7100, is a good deal smaller and lighter but with not such a developed user interface.  With good lenses, it can produce excellent images.  What do you think you're going to get by going FX?  I'm guessing absolute IQ isn't high on your agenda - I highlighted "upgraded" because I'm wondering what you upgraded from - the 18-55mm kit lens?  I may be doing the Sigma a disservice, but I doubt a 14x super zoom gives you better IQ than an 18-55 - in the kit lens's focal length range.

I think you need to think very clearly about what you expect to gain by buying a full frame camera, D750, D760 or whatever. If you're using a DX 18-250 lens, I doubt that you've been able to get very shallow depth of field. Is that it?  Do you really prefer super-zooms - 18-250 on a D3300 would need a 28 - 375 lens on a full frame camera.  If there is one of those, it won't be cheap.

You'll need at least one FX lens if you buy a D750 - are you looking at a kit with a 24-120?  That's more or less the FX equivalent of the DX 16-80mm f/2.8-4. You could get one of those for less than a D750 + 24-120 hit.

You've already got a really good sensor.  Try to think more about getting the best out of it.

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