What's the highest you take your ISO?

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Re: What's the highest you take your ISO?

Your choice of maximum ISO is dependent up on many, many variables:

1) Image content (dark areas with detail you wish to show?).

2) Raw or .jpg output?

3) Choice of noise management software?

4) size of final image or print?

5) professional display or post on web? (down-sampling is a very highly effective noise management method).

6) display format

7) end consumer (wedding?, National Geographic?), product company?)

8) subject and lighting and also, lighting white point.

10) your skill in balancing noise reduction, down-sampling, ISO selection at time of capture, etc.

For me, with my Canon 6D, I routinely use 6000 ISO in canopied, wooded areas with intermittent sunlight and dark shadows.    I have also effectively tested in the 16,000 ISO ranges with success after careful down-sampling and noise reduction.

Also, I work in image processing and can, and sometimes do, use custom filters I build in Matlab to process (since Matlab introduced its API to photoshop has been a great help).

But, it really depends on so many factors that will be different at every shoot and every subject.

You experiment.  You decide.

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