My GR died after 11k shots. Is this the average lifespan of a GR?

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Re: My GR died after 11k shots. Is this the average lifespan of a GR?

Mine started falling apart at 5.5k after 3 years owning it since first release. Unfortunately I think all GR will eventually fail like this - especially first production units. When I said I think the GR has a manufacturing/design fault people do not want to hear it - but clearly it is true, this fault is cropping up all the time now. I do not know if later repairs, or changes in production have solved this issue - Ricoh told me they had known of no production/design faults like this when I contacted them a while back so they are not going to say if things have improved if they do not want to acknowledge the issue. So the GR is a disposable camera really, and depending on financial status - quite an expensive one for most people. I wouldn't buy a used GR unless can confirm it has a really low shutter count. I have decided not to get the GR repaired or replaced because I simply have no faith and simply do not like things failing like this with the manufacture not acknowledging it with some kind of statement at least. I have had the GR all way back to GR1 film - which also had shutter failure!

I can still get mine to work, just. Not practical though. Just keep turning it on and off until the lens retracts and comes out normally properly loading the system, take the blank shot to force the shutter open - and if the focus is way off, stick it in macro mode and focus a few times for it to force/grind the lens to rack it into the correct position. Yes ridiculous . Sometimes it comes to life after only a few power cycles, another time I think it was about 10mins.

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