FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

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Re: FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

marshwader wrote:

You'll find the comments on corner softness on the RX10 III here in the optics session of the Imaging resource review. Ironically the samples they show look just like the ones dpreview show for the FZ2000:


gardenersassistant wrote:

marshwader wrote:

I've just read a review, by the way that talks about unacceptably soft corners on the RX 10 mk III. Hmmm... .

Oh, that is disappointing (though when I think about it hardly surprising I suppose. All products must have copy variation).

I would be very interested if you were able to provide a link to that review please.

Gee, when I read that review it said:

"Far-field performance appears to be excellent at f/5.6, with very good sharpness and contrast across most of the frame across the zoom range, and only minor softening and coma distortion in the extreme corners."

Then they comment:

"Corner Softness. Sharpness and corner performance are generally very good for the type and speed of lens, though our copy appears to have a slightly decentered element or group (unfortunate, but not at all unusual). In our sample, at 24mm eq. and at maximum aperture (f/2.4), the top right corner is the softest while the other corners are better but still a bit soft, however the center is tack sharp, and what corner softness there is doesn't extend far into the frame. At 70mm equivalent, the lens isn't quite as sharp in the center wide open as at 24mm eq., but it's still pretty sharp, and corners are just slightly soft."

I am failing to see where you saw that the corners were unacceptably soft in that review.

Using my own experience with that camera, I have not seen noticeable corner softness.

Most all zoom lenses will exhibit slightly softer corners due to the complexity of the lens design.

Perhaps a closer read might be in order.

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