"Views don't mean anything." Author Unknown

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Re: "Views don't mean anything." Author Unknown

also el wrote:

well, maybe an admin could chime in and clarify what constitutes a 'view'.

a recent entry i had in a challenge had 31 views where as the shot in my gallery that was used for the challenge only has 4. so obviously they aren't connected.

as to your original post.... 'what does it mean to you'... i have to say that i do occasionally look at the number of views on the photos in my gallery. i have a few shots that may be similar to others and it is interesting to see that a color version may garner more views than the black and white. or just in general some that have a lot of views are shots that i hadn't printed, but now i may print them with confidence.

at the same time, i have one shot with more views than all my others put together and then some. all i can figure is that someone linked it to something else (maybe 'how not to take a photo of a bird in the fog'):-). so we'll leave that one out of the equation.

for me, yes i do look at 'views' as a barometer of photos that i''ve shared. dpreview and a small photo challenge site are really the extent of my social media experience. i don't really have time to get involved with all the other stuff and would prefer that the smart phone in my pocket stay dumb and just be a phone.

interesting topic.


Your sentiments are very interesting and quite factual. I think because of your views..my perceptions have kind of changed, i guess its time to start looking at things differently..welll from my end.

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