Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

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Re: Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

calson wrote:

The problem is 100% with Adobe having spoken to one of their lead engineers who works on ACR. Adobe could use the Nikon API but prefers to instead push people to use the Adobe DNG file format that does not have places to store camera specific information.

That is why I have never relied 100% on Adobe ACR for RAW file conversion and now do not use it at all. ACR is the easiest to use but produces the worst results.

What "one of their lead engineers who works on ACR" told you might be a bit misleading.

The Nikon API allows anyone to read Nikon raw files and extract the metadata, but that doesn't tell you how to interpret it. What I mean: one can use the SDK to extract metadata that says "this image has Vivid picture control applied in camera" for example, but it doesn't tell you what "Vivid picture control" means. Adobe would still have to do what they do now: measure new cameras and replicate the Nikon picture controls with their own "Camera..." profiles.

They could read the metadata and automatically apply the Adobe Camera... profile that corresponds to the stored picture control name automatically, but that's only part of the task. The metadata includes a shed-load of other image development parameters for all the other in-camera settings (specific settings for picture controls, ADL and so on). There are 11 pages of parameter names. Some are self-evident, such as "90-degree rotation is needed", but some are Nikon-specific (such as "ActiveDLighting extra high2") and the meaning is not defined anywhere. It would be huge task to measure and replicate all of them.  Which ones would you expect them to replicate?

And of course, they'd have to incorporate the SDKs for each and every camera maker into LR and ACR, and update them every time each maker updates their SDKs...

Alternatively Nikon, Canon etc could all use standard raw file formats such as DNG (or if they don't like that, then get together and design something else that everyone agrees upon).

So you could say the problem is 100% with Adobe, or you could say it's 100% with those camera makers that refuse to use a common standard. Both are true.

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