So RED makes the best sensors, not Sony.

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Re: Apples and Oranges.

TrojMacReady wrote:

Read their actual review, where they clearly state you can't really compare the results because RED applies temporal NR, combining multiple frames.

Similar to what you see in many modern smartphones (with Sony sensors).


"Whatever noise reduction system RED employs creating the RAW images from the Helium sensor, its presence means that we aren’t measuring just the RED sensor, so its results aren’t directly comparable to those from camera sensors we have tested from other vendors, whose RAW results come straight from the sensor with no prior noise reduction processing."

So, RED RAW is not really RAW.


  • 35.4MP CMOS sensor
  • Captures in 16-bit RECODE RAW or Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD
  • Super 35-format sensor (29.90 mm x 15.77 mm)

Does RED have their own foundry or is wafer fab outsourced?

With no mention of BSI or copper metallization, its very difficult for me to believe an APS-C sensor from a low-volume manufacturer would outperform those of Sony or Samsung.

16-bit RAW is facilitated by the large camera body to handle the extra data processing and heat.  In addition the large heat sink provided by the body might keep sensor temperatures low enough to reduce noise. 16-bit processing should also in itself reduce noise levels.

In reality, the "sensor" is not providing the performance, it's the system.

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