Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

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Re: Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

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Simon - For trial purposes I set the white balance at 4800 K and took 2 NEF shots in ambient light using an Impact - QuikBalance gray panel. The shots were taken at 70 mm using matrix metering and the panel filled up the entire image except for the corners.

Lightroom measured both shots at 5000K missing the camera setting by +200 K.

NX-D measured both shots at 4806K missing the camera setting by +6 K.

The Lightroom WB reading wasn't a huge disparity from the setting in the camera but the difference was certainly measurable.

When I use auto-white 1, my experience over the last couple of years is that Lightroom overcooks the white balance versus the camera's output a bit more than if I set the WB to a specific number on the Kelvin scale.

Maybe Lightroom is reading the proprietary WB data from the NEF files, but in my experience it's WB measurements are warmer than my camera's actual output.

What do you mean by "my camera's actual output"? Do you mean the camera-created jpeg, which is simply Nikon's interpretation of white balance?

Simon - I missed your question. I apologize. Instead of saying "my camera's actual output", I should have said NX-D's measure of white balance.

Thanks for the clarification - been a while now!

Even from the same raw image, the exact interpretation of white balance can vary slightly between one raw processor (including the camera's internalt jpeg engine) and another.

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