Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

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Re: Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

b2martin_a wrote:

Have you tried the Adobe Camera profiles (Camera Standard, Camera Neutral, Camera Portrait, etc). I understand Adobe generated these to match the results you get with Nikon profiles when all settings are at nominal values.

I have evaluated a lot of images where I processed the NEF files with Nikon Capture NXD (Neutral Profile) with all settings at nominal values and with Adobe Lightroom using the Camera Neutral profile with all settings at nominal values (all sliders at 0) and I get a very good match. If you change any of the settings to non normal values, then you will not get a good match.

b2martin_a - I normally use the camera standard profile in Lightroom to begin the editing process with my D810 NEF images.   I've also compared the results between direct editing of the NEF in LR and editing a Tiff file in LR that I converted from NX-D.  I agree that there is a good match between the end result.  The one thing I've found though is that Lightroom (Adobe Camera Raw) significantly overestimates the WB for D810 NEFs, i.e., +200 Kelvin for natural light shots; +400 K for flash shots.  I'm basing that on the readings I get from NX-D.  With that in mind, I just make the appropriate WB adjustments and go from there.

From my perspective, the nice thing about using LR is that edits are nondestructive and this gives you complete flexibility to work with your NEF files.

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