Poor focus with E-M1ii and 300 f4 pro

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Re: Poor focus with E-M1ii and 300 f4 pro

drj3 wrote:

Based on the size of the Kestrel, you should have had about 16 inches (-/+8) total depth of field. It is unlikely that you or the bird moved as much as 8 inches between focus confirmation and shutter release. However, your MC14+40-150 at 210mm would have had about 66 (-/+33) inches depth of field at that distance, so focus would not nearly as critical and thus would allow a lot more focus error.

I am not sure how it could be a lens problem. If the camera gives the green square or beeps, it is basing that on the lens image. If the lens image is not focused, the camera should not release the shutter.

It would be far more likely to be a camera problem when Rls Priority = OFF, than a lens problem (assuming nothing moved). If was a lens problem you should have no image, not an unfocused one.

I do get a number of unfocused images with small birds, since the total depth of field is often 1-1.5 inches (and thus only 1/2 that behind the focus point) and any movement by me or the bird results in a blurred image. Little birds on branches often move more than that between my reaction to focus confirmation and the shutter release.

First off, I didn't start this thread, so I am not the only one with this problem. I have taken lots of photos where I just can't get it to focus. It will confirm focus, but when I look at the image on my computer, nothing is in focus. I have 8 other m4/3 lenses and I never have this problem with them. Sometimes when I use magnify and focus peaking I cannot get it to peak on what I'm trying to focus on. It would help if the 300 focus ring had a finer resolution though.

Yesterday I tried to manual focus on a bald eagle in a tree. I have Focus Peaking set for white. I could not get it to light up on the eagle's body. I went back and forth a dozen times and nothing, even with magnify on.

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