Poor focus with E-M1ii and 300 f4 pro

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Re: Poor focus with E-M1ii and 300 f4 pro

Harvey Melvin Richards wrote:

This has been mentioned on Mu-43 and on Facebook. I have had my 300 since it was first released. I used it on E-M10's and when I had this issue I blamed the body. Now I have the E-M1.2 and I think it is actually worse.

I can get very sharp photos with this lens, just not all the time. I have used all of the focal points, although mostly the smallest single point. I have tried all the different shutter settings, I use mostly silent or anti-shock. I have used magnify and peaking with manual focus. I am usually sitting in my truck, engine off, open driver side window, braced with both arms.

This photo of a Kestrel should have been a no brainer. Bright sky, lots of contrast, nothing in the wrong focal plane. And I took 8 shots and they were all fuzzy crap. No crop on this.

This photo was taken a week earlier using my E-M10. It's possibly the same bird. And all that I took of it were in good focus. This one is actually cropped a little.

Assuming you had stabilization turned on, it looks like you have Rls Priority (not sure if you used SAF or CAF) turned ON and simply pressed the shutter button without confirming focus.  If it is turned on, you have to decide when the target is in focus, not the camera.

ON is the default setting for Rls Priority C, since many birders (including me) do not want to wait for camera focus confirmation.  The default for SAF should have been Rls Priority S - OFF, which does not release the shutter without focus confirmation.  The first image certainly is not in focus and since there is nothing else in the image in focus, it is not a case of the camera choosing the wrong focus point.

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