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Mark Blauhoefer wrote:

This is a fun little camera. Handy due to minimal weight and size, so always in a shirt pocket. Even a light shirt, and even if I'm carrying a better camera. But when I'm not carrying a better camera, this still does the job.

Those times when you don't feel like carrying a camera or a phone at all you still have a camera. Is it as good as modern phone? Not really, but it is smaller and cheaper.

It's for walking to the shop, or along the beach, or through the park, family pictures, candid pictures, street pictures, even landscape pictures, just for the handiness of it,

The 3x optical zoom allows for a bit of framing, and goes out as far as a classic portrait lens (85mm), if you do try to take it seriously.

Controls are minimal, with an 'autofocus' and a macro - and the usual 13 scene settings, or 'scene auto' which automatically chooses the most appropriate. The Auto has center and multi. There is a program mode if you desire to use it.

Some filtering is possible via a colour adjuster with three sliders to fine tune - or go wild. Same again for sharpness, contrast, saturation.

It's quick to start, and to focus - which is great - from pocket to first shot in a second. It also has a continuous and a limited multi burst which I rarely use. Nice to know it's there though.

There are bad points - the LCD is small, and has quite awful resolution - but it's just a guide, and the photos are better than it would indicate. It also has an 'ISO boost VR' which works, but isn't what you might want. If not turn it off, and you can use the self-timer while it's resting on a fencepost, or decide your own ISO.

Battery life is good. It holds a charge for months, but how many shots I can't be sure of because it charges via usb when you upload the photos. Cheap enough to get a spare if that worries you. It doesn't worry me and I don't have one. More than a hundred shots though.

The price was also a bargain. I got mine for pocket change.

There's a rudimentary 640x480 video if you ever need it.

Again though, a bit larger, a bit heavier, and and a bit more coin will easily get you a whole lot more camera, sensor and megapixels, but will it be this pocketable, immediate, handy and fun?

I am not familiar with the camera, but this is a very good review. True and fair. Happy photo-taking!

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