What's the best bang-for-the-buck 'walkabout' FX lens?

Started Oct 19, 2016 | Questions thread
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Re: Choice has been made...

FinallyFull wrote:


This really turned out to be a great thread, and is exactly what I was looking for.

A few months on, what is your verdict on the 24-85 VR?


Hello Finally,

I have no regrets keeping the 24-85 VR but I do have regrets selling the 28-70. They're 2 different beasts. One is old school solid build & performance but lacking the benefits (in this case there are some) of the modern components . Basically, one's classic rendition and the other is modern sharp.

You also mentioned:

...this lens:


Not sure which post you're referring to, but as for that lens my comments are here .

Just to add: For now I'd take the 24-85 over the with 28-105. On lesser pixels though, I'd be torn. The 28-105 has really weak moments, but equally really strong ones. And a better range for walkabout...

eg: Shot in 1/2 hour walkabout with 28-105

Hope that helps.

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