Brands/power/modifiers color temperature

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Re: Brands/power/modifiers color temperature

Thanks for that article, hadn't seen it yet! Interesting read

True, there's always sample variation and you should always verify your equipment yourself. And if they don't perform to spec, you can exchange them at manufacturers who guarantee those specs (good luck with that with the Chinese brands).

But take the following into consideration from those test results:

Both companies claim they control colour temperature well in "normal" mode. A 200K shift over a NINE-stop range is impressively well controlled. Broncolor claims the same in speed mode, albeit the entire range becomes a bit colder. This is also apparent from the test. Profoto makes no such claim and basically throws colour temp control out the window in freeze mode. Again, the test confirms that.

The only big surprise to me is how poor the B2 performs in that test, didn't see that coming.

Off the record, I always default to 5500k with my Move and Siros heads and it's fine in most locations. Colour casts can also come from surrounding walls/objects and this is important to keep in mind. In speed mode I add 300K and shoot away. It's dependable and predictable.

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